MD Dr. Alexandros Kallifatidis

Dr. Alexandros Kallifatidis is a Radiologist with subspecialty in Cardiovascular Imaging and a leading person in Cardiac Imaging (Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI) in Greece.

He is a Board Certified Cardiovascular Imaging Radiologist (European Board of Cardiovascular Radiology-EBCR) and an active subcommittee member of “Education & EBCR Committee” of ESCR.

He is also a Fellow of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (FEACVI).

After finishing his residency in Thessaloniki he was trained in Cardiac Imaging in Heidelberg-Germany (Cardiology Department, University Hospital “Medizinische Klinik” -Prof.Katus- Prof.Korosoglou)as well as in Marseille-France (Radiology Department, University Hospital “LA TIMONE”-Prof.Bartoli-Prof. Jacquier).

Since 2007 he is working in St.Luke’s Hospital. Under his supervision the Diagnostic Cardiac Section became one of the leading and well known units in Greece, performing many of the latest imaging techniques in Cardiac Radiology (CT & MRI), such as CMR Stress-perfussion, CMR Mapping techniques, CMR Strain etc. Regadenoson)in daily clinical practice. In addition is taking placea research collaborationwith well known Greek and European Radiology and Cardiology Departments. (Number of CMR scans per year around 450. Number of CCT scans per year around 650).

He is an active speaker in Greece and Europe and he is organising Scientific Courses in Greece, with guests lecturers experts and pioneers in the field of Cardiovascular Imaging.

Since 2015 he is collaborating with the Radiology Department of University Hospital “CHU-Hôpital Nord” in St.Etienne-France (Prof.Croisille). On September 2020 he participated, as a Moderator, Faculty member and Speaker, in the online version of the ASKLEPIOS Course on Cardiac MR Imaging and acted as a local host-organiser.

He is an elected Executive Committee Member of the Radiological Society of Northern Greece and Member of the Hellenic Radiological Society (Cardiovascular Imaging Section) and Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR).

Together with Dr. Konstantinos Michailidis he is the co-founder of the scientific company Cardiac Intelligence.


  • Practicing on Cardiac MRI and MR Mammography in the Radiology Department of the General Hospital ”Evaggelismos” in Athens during 2009-2010.

  • ESOR GALEN Advanced Course Cardiac Cross-Sectional Imaging 21-22 May 2010 Paris

  • Clinical Observership in Musculoskeletal Radiology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital from 31st May to 4th of June 2010


  • ESOR GALEN Advanced Course Musculoskeletal Cross-Sectional Imaging 5-6 November 2010 Madrid

  • European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology ESCR 2011- Amsterdam/NL

  • Cardiac MRI & CT, Clinical Update, Cannes, 2012

  • ECR 2012-Vienna

  • ESCR 2012- Barcelona/ES

  • ESMRMB, Cardiac Imaging, September 2013, Marseille

  • ESC webinar workshops

  • EuroCMR 2013-Florence

  • ESCR 2013- London/UK

  • SCMR 2014- New Orleans/US

  • ECR 2014-Vienna

  • EuroCMR 2014-Vienna

  • ESCR 2014-Paris/FR

  • SCMR-EuroCMR 2015-Nice/FR

  • ECR 2015-Vienna

  • ESCR 2015-Vienna

  • SCCT 2015-Las Vegas

  • ECR 2016-Vienna

  • EuroCMR 2016-Florence

  • ESCR 2016-Krakow

  • ESCR 2017-Milan

  • SCMR 2017-Washington D.C

  • ESCR 2018 Geneve

  • ECR 2019 Vienna

  • EuroCMR 2019 Venice

  • ESCR 2019 Antwerp

  • ESOR Artificial Intelligence 2020, Rome

  • ECR 2020 Online edition

  • ESCR 2020 Online edition

  • EACVI 2020 Online edition